Hagar Finer succesfully defends title!

July 14th 2012: WIBF/GBU World Bantamweight title in Munich, Germany

Reigning champion Hagar Finer succesfully defended her title vs Bettina Granasi.Finer result: Hagar Finer (Israel) UD Bettina Granasi (Austria)dominated every round, although Granasi came on very strong in round 3 and 5. End result:

Hagar Finer (Israel) UD Bettina Granasi (Austria)

Dailydaite wins WIBF world title!

April 20th 2012:
WIBF Interim worldtitle – 57.15 kg in Dortmund (Ger)

Goda Dailydaite (Ger) vs. Arleta Krausova ( Czech Rep.)

We have seen an action packed fight with Krausova
as the agressor.  Dailydaite countered very well throughout
the fight and came out on top:

Dailydaite UD Krausova