Persoon succesfully defends title vs Morelli!

December 13th 2013, Allast (Belgium)

WIBF lightweight title: Delfine Persoon (Belgium) vs Lucia Morelli (Ger)

The fight was dictated by Persoon from the get-go. Morelli was knocked down in round 6 and 9. Referee Daniel van de Wiele justly stopped the fight in round 10.

Winner by TKO10: Delfine Persoon.


Eva Voraberger wins WIBF Intercontinental Flyweight title!

December 7th 2013, Vienna (Austria) Speedfit Sporthalle

WIBF Intercontinental – flyweight title 50.8 kg: Eva Voraberger (Austria) vs. Fleis Djendji (Serbia)

Both boxers started high paced. Voraberger connected with a perfectly placed shot to the liver after 1 minute and 30 seconds in the first round from which Djendji did not recover. Result: Voraberger KO1 Djendji.


Ramona Kühne defeats Renata Domsodi!

December 06th 2013, Frankfurt /Oder (Germany)

WIBF world title super featherweight: Ramona Kühne (Ger) vs Renata Domsodi (Hungary)

Kühne was superior throughout the fight. The referee stopped the fight in round 6.
Result: winner by TKO6, Ramona Kuehne.

Ramona Kuehne(GER) vs Renata Domsodi (HUN