Aniya Seki(Japan) vs. Csilla Nemedi (Hungary)

July 14th2018 in Offenburg (Ger)

Aniya Seki(Japan) vs. Csilla Nemedi (Hungary)

WIBF/GBU World title 53,53 kg / 118 lbs

Both boxers started very strong.  Round 1 and 2 the Hungarian was ahead. But from round 3 Aniya dominated this fight until the last round.

After 10 rounds Aniya Seki won this fight on points.

Winner by UD: Aniya Seki  


June, 16th2018, Karlsruhe (Ger),   Wildparkstadion 



Sarah Bormann (GER) vs. Oksana Romanova (UKR)

WIBF/GBU World title 48,98 kg / 108 lbs

Sarah dominated this fight from the first to the last round.  Especially the fast right straight came very often and the left body hook worked excellently.

In the end, Sarah won every round and was voted “Queen of the Ring” by the jury for her strong performance.

Winner by UD: Sarah Bormann


Layla McCarter (USA) vs.  Eva Bajic (HUN)

WIBF/GBU World title 66,68 kg / 147 lbs

Both boxers started strongly and already in the first round delivered a lively exchange of blows. Layla proved the better technique and showed more than good boxing.  In the following rounds Layla became stronger and stronger and despite her shorter range she was able to score better and faster hits.

In the end, Layla won deservedly on points.

Winner by UD: Layla McCarter


Elina Tissen (Ger) vs. Nina Meinke (Ger) 

May, 18th 2018, Potsdam (Ger)
WIBF/GBU World title 57,15 kg / 126 lbs 

An absolutely world class fight over 10 rounds. The reigning World Champion Elina Tissen delivered a spectacular fight against the Interim World Champion Nina Meinke. 

Nina got better into the fight and started very strong.
But Elina dominated more and more this fight. 

After several hard left-hooks of world champion Tissen, a bad cut on Meinke’s right eye opened, which seemed to affect her in addition. 

In the following rounds Nina did not find any more correctly into the fight and had to take some more effective hits from her opponent. Finally Elina Tissen won a ten-round split decision over Nina Meinke 

The judges decided in favor of the defending champion with 99-91, 97-93 and 94-96.