Elina Tissen (Ger) vs. Gabriella Busa (Hungary) December 3rd 2016

WIBF/GBU world title fight  57,15 kg / 126 lbs
Elina Tissen has defended her world championship titles WIBF and GBU sovereignly.
In each of the ten rounds, the judges scored the championship Elina Tissen in front.
“Elin the Machine”, who has been unbeaten for nearly nine years,
dominated her opponent from the first to the last minute. Winner by UD: Elina Tissen

Kallia Kourouni (Greece ) vs. Irma BalijagicAdler

Karlsruhe (Germany) December 3rd 2016:
WIBF world title fight  58,97 kg / 130 lbs
A very exciting battle of two world class boxing girls.
Both boxers gave themselves an excellent fight but Kallia was ahead in every round.
Kallia “Pink Tyson” won in a ten –round fight  unanimous decision  against  Irma BalijagicAdler. The judges scored 96-94, 97-93 and 97-93. Winner by UD: Kallia Kourouni

WIBF-GBU LIGHTWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPION Nicole Wesner (Ger) vs Diafana Salazar (Dom. Republic)

GBU/WIBF World title 61,24 kg / 135 lbs / Hamburg (Germany) December 4th 2016:
Wesner started very hard with good combinations and made it very difficult for her opponent. At the end of the second round, Wesner brought a hard right. Wesner immediately noticed that her opponent was in trouble and continued energetically. After two other hard hits, the referee stop the fight after 1:59 minutes. Winner by TKO: Nicole Wesner