Kallia Kourouni (Greece) vs .Grecia  Novas (Dom Rep)

Karlsruhe (Germany)

May 13th 2017:

Kallia Kourouni (Greece) vs .Grecia  Novas (DomRep)

GBU/WIBF World title  58,97 kg / 130 lbs

Grecia Nova delivered a good fight but Kallia Kourouni dominated this featherweight title fight over 10 rounds.

Winner by UD: Kallia Kourouni


Alicia M. Kummer (Ger) vs.Timea Belik (Hungary)

Hamburg (Germany) 

GBU/WIBF World title 63,50 kg / 140 lbs 

Timea Belik started very defensively. With increasing duration of the fight, Timea finally slowed down.

Alicia was able to push her opponent several times into the ropes and land heavy hits.

Alicia won by points 99-91, 97-93, 97-93 (UD)

Nikki Adler (Ger) vs. Mery Rancier (DomRep)

Ludwigshafen (Germany) 

GBU/WIBF World title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs 

This title fight dominated Nikki Adler from the beginning.

Adler cleverly exploited her size and range advantage and left the little Dominican woman no chance. Adler controlled the fight against Rancier in all 10 rounds with the ratings of 99-91, 100-90 and 100-90. The German boxer is now undefeated 16 fights in a row.

Winner by UD: Nikki Adler