Ema Kozin (SLO) vs. Maria Lindberg (SWE)

October 6th 2019 in Ljubljana (SLO)

Ema Kozin (SLO) vs. Maria Lindberg (SWE)

WIBF/GBU Super Middleweight title: 76,2 kg / 168 lbs

Slovenian boxer Ema Kozin won five world titles on Sunday, having out-boxed Swedish Maria Lindberg at StoĹžice Arena in Ljubljana and defended her World Boxing Federation (WBF) Women’s World Champion title of the Super Middleweight class in what was a successful night for other Slovenian fighters as well.

The 20-year-old boxer, nicknamed The Princess, won five world champion titles yesterday – apart from the WBF one, also the titles of the Women’s International Boxing Federation WIBF, the Women’s International Boxing Association, the Global Boxing Union GBU and the International Boxing Association in the Super Middleweight division.

Winner by UD and new world Super middleweight champion: Ema Kozin